July 20, 2019 by Dr. Roy41



There are so many “new and innovative” procedures out there on the non-invasive anti-aging arena. Where does one begin? This month let’s start with IPL (intense pulse light) vs. BBL (broad band light) treatments. They are essentially the same they both work by directing light energy into the skin which is then converted to heat as it reaches its target. The target can be pigment in the skin or hair, redness in blood vessels and even bacteria causing acne. Once the heat reaches the target it then damages that particular tissue. Healing then begins, which causes collagen and elastin (plumps and supports the skin) production.

What is the difference? Even though they are similar the technology of BBL sets it apart from IPL

BBL is the latest and most advanced technology in light therapy that has set new standards for antiaging and treating acne.  Extensive studies and research have proven that regular BBL treatments not only prevent cellular aging, but also turn back the clock, causing the DNA expression of skin cells to reverse back to a youthful and healthy state.

Unfortunately, the majority of IPL machines out there can be unreliable and potentially dangerous, and give light therapy a bad reputation. The saying “you get what you pay for” would apply here. All IPL machines out there are NOT the same. A high-quality IPL machine can deliver fantastic results, however due to range of technology on the market and lack of regulation, the patient doesn’t know what they are getting.  The most common adverse reaction reported for IPL include hypo/hyperpigmentation, permanent scarring or lack of clinical results. This may occur when patients are treated with incorrect parameters or poor technique

Which is better? BBL is a highly advanced version of IPL. BBL is more accurate and specific treatment method when compared to IPL. In addition, the superior safety and efficacy of BBL technology in treating patients with darker skin types sets it apart from any other pulsed light therapy currently on the market. There is much lower risk of complications and down time with BBL. Also, the number of treatments to achieve the results you are looking for are less. Although the BBL machine is far superior, the clinical skill of the operator is as important as any machine they use. Hence, it is critical to choose your service provider carefully and not just go for the best deal.


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