Additional doses of specific vitamins, minerals and amino acids to enhance your IV therapy treatment

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Glutathione is the most powerful internal antioxidant! Glutathione stabilizes and regulates our vitamin and nutrient intake–allowing them to work efficiently in our body. It acts as a primary detoxifier to protect cells from the many toxins we are exposed to in our environment. It helps to detoxify many prescription medications, reduces intracellular inflammation and oxidative stress. Although the body produces its own glutathione, poor diet, pollution, toxins, medication, and the aging process all deplete levels of glutathione. The lack of sufficient glutathione renders all other antioxidants ineffective in fighting free radicals within the body.


This is the most utilized drip in the biz hands down and for good reason. Also known as a Myer’s Cocktail, this is the Immune Booster on steroids. This drip is chock full of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to help get anyone back on their feet. This drip will benefit anyone with a compromised immunity. It can also be used for overall wellness.


Vitamin B12 is a crucial vitamin to ensure proper functioning of our bodies. Many people are deficient which can be the reason they often feel tired throughout the day. Some people do not absorb enough B12 regardless of how much they consume.

Vitamin B12 acts as a coenzyme for the development of DNA material, promotes growth and cell development and is important to fat, carbohydrate, and protein metabolism. Vitamin B12 is particularly important in the formation of red blood cells and even a slight deficiency of this vitamin will cause anemia, fatigue, depression or mania

Beauty Biotin

Biotin injections are utilized to help improve fine, thinning or brittle hair and nails. Biotin is a key component in the natural hair development process. It is crucial not only in production of new hair, but it also plays a critical role in overall health of the skin and nails. This B vitamin is a crucial component of many enzymes and contributes to energy metabolism as well. A three-month course 1-2 times per week is recommended for best results.


Lysine is known to lower stress induced anxiety and decrease stress hormone cortisol production. Cortisol is known for it weight gaining properties. 


A combination of Methionone, inositol, choline and cyanocobalamin. 

It is a blend of lipotropics, or “fat attracting,” amino acids, that can help to metabolize fat and remove toxins from the liver. This formula can promote increased energy and rid the body of fatty deposits more efficiently when lipotropics are combined with the B-complex vitamins and other ingredients found in our MICC injections.